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Consumer Health Information Specialization

The Consumer Health Information Specialization (CHIS) will help you keep current in the consumer health information field and obtain an additional, recognized level of expertise. View the CHIS brochure for a quick overview.

CHIS can help advance the careers of:

  • medical librarians
  • public librarians
  • librarians working in consumer health libraries
  • allied health professionals

See a list of current CHIS recipients.

Levels and Requirements

For the most up to date requirements see the CHIS Policies and Procedures.

Level I:

  • for those who desire a basic familiarity with consumer health information resources
  • requires completion of 12 hours in approved CHIS courses
  • participants must have eight of the required 12 hours in MLA-approved coursework

Level II:

  • for those who want additional training in consumer health areas
  • requires completion of 24 hours in approved CHIS courses
  • participants must have 18 of the 24 required hours in MLA-approved coursework

You have three years to gather the contact hours needed, ending with the date you submit your materials. The specialization is valid for three years and may be renewed.

MLA hours earned through the CHIS program may be used for credit in MLA's Academy of Health Information Professionals.

Ways to Earn CHIS Credit

  • MLA-approved CHIS courses: You must take at least one general consumer health course from the approved MLA-approved CHIS course list. The remaining hours may come from either the general or specialty CHIS course and educational activity list.
  • Courses not approved by MLA for CHIS: If you attend an educational activity that is not approved by MLA for CHIS and would like to have it considered for your application, please fill out an Individual Participant Request (IPR) form.
  • Discussion groups, Independent Reading Program, and webinars: If you participate in activities in these categories with a consumer health focus, you will be eligible for activity hours. Please submit an IPR form for credit .

How to Apply

  • Participate in consumer health information educational activities and earn MLA CE contact hours.
  • Complete the CHIS Application.
  • Send your completed application, CE certificates, and IPR form (if applicable) to MLA.
  • MLA will process your application and upon approval will send you a certificate recognizing your achievement.

Instructors: Get Your Course Approved for CHIS

Activities must focus directly on consumer health issues or the provision of consumer health information. To be considered, select "Consumer Health" under course type on the MLA CE application. You can also contact Debra Cavanaugh for more information.