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Access MLA Section Information

MLA sections represent the many subfields and areas of specialization of the association’s membership, including medical informatics and consumer health. Sections meet annually and share information during the year through informal networking and newsletters. MLA also sponsors informal special interest groups (SIGs).

Any questions, please contact Kate Corcoran, 312.419.9094 x12.



  • I want to contact new section members. Can you tell me who they are?

    Finding out about your new section members is easy! Follow the steps below to connect with your new (or lapsed renewing) section members.

    • Look up your member roster per the instructions above.

    • When you open or download your list, look at the "Joindate" field, date format M/D/YYYY. This roster is sorted by join date, so you will see your newest members at the top of the list. Your newest (or lapsed renewing) members will be at the top of the list.

    • Anyone joining during a particular month will have that month's date listed (e.g., 3/1/2013 for anyone who joined during March 2013.

  • What are the "price codes" I see next to some members in my roster?

    Free trial section memberships are available as programs of Section Council. For example, members attending MLA '12 were offered up to three free sections for a term of 6 months either at the Section Council Booth (code SC_BOOTH) or the biennial Section Shuffle (code SEC_SHUFFLE). Also, any new member of the association may choose one section for free for one year when they join MLA (code FREESECTION).

    Prior to 2012, all free section memberships were designated by a single code (FREESECTION) but we are now categorizing them to see which are the most effective programs for recruiting section members.

  • How do I start a new section?
    Visit the Section Council website for information on starting a new section
  • How do I start a new SIG?
    Visit the Section Council website for information on starting a new SIG.
  • Our section is not very active any do we disband?
    Visit the Section Council website for information about disbanding or dissolving a section, or converting to a SIG