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Dental Section History

Developed by the section for the MLA Centennial, 1998


The first paper was presented on a dental topic at the Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, June 9-10, 1924, by George B. Denton, Ph. D., Northwestern University Dental School, "Making a dental library active".

The first Dental Library Round Table was held at the Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, June 10-21, 1933. Mrs. Madelene Marshall, Librarian, William Bebb Library, Northwestern University Dental School, leader.

Papers Presented:

  • "Reference problems of the dental librarian," Dr. George B. Denton
  • "Package library service of the American Dental Association," Mrs. Josephine P. Hunt, librarian, American Dental Association
  • "The importance of a new dental bibliography arranged where books may be found," Dr. D. W. Weinberger, librarian, First District Dental Society of the State of New York, Academy of Medicine
  • "An effort to devise a dental curriculum," Dr. L. E. Blauch, American Association of Dental Schools
  • General discussion of dental library practice, Mrs. Marshall.

From the official record: "Fourteen people interested in dental libraries met June 20, 1933 ... Northwestern University Dental School ... They had been invited to attend the Medical Library Association Convention with a view to holding this round table. The leader ... prevailed upon those present to join the ... Association in order that a committee might be appointed to prepare programs for future dental round tables ...".


The "interested" came together for the first meeting of the Dental Section in 1946 at the 45th Annual Meeting held at Yale University, New Haven, CO. Mrs. Marshall presented her paper: "Some influential books in the history of dentistry."