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Why You Should Apply to Become a ‘24-’25 Rising Star

If you aspire to a leadership role in MLA and you want to develop your leadership skills and knowledge, you should apply to become one of the four ‘24-’25 Rising Stars! The Stars curriculum features monthly topical program sessions that include guest faculty speakers from among current and past MLA leaders, discussions of monthly readings, and activities that develop your leadership skills and knowledge, particularly as they relate to MLA. You’ll be paired with a mentor and leader in the health information field to discuss and reflect on your professional goals. With your fellow Stars, you’ll pursue a project that develops your teamwork and project management skills while also benefiting MLA.

The application deadline is October 15.

For more information and to apply, please visit  MLA Rising Stars.

Testimonials from Current and Past Rising Stars

Rising Stars leadership asked past and present Stars to share their thoughts on the value of the program. We hope their responses will inspire you to apply!


"For me, the Rising Star program was a catalyst for personal reflection and a change in my communication style. We read fundamental leadership texts, met a great group of other leaders, and were given the opportunity to personally connect with MLA leadership about their projects, careers, and goals."

-Rachel Lerner, 2016-17


"The Rising Star Leadership program is a unique experience. You are able to network, learn about MLA and leadership, current issues, management and communication, ask LOTS of questions, and do a project that has an impact. It is a lot of work, but you will get much more back!"

-Alessia Zanin-Yost, 2022-23


"The Rising Stars program offers an opportunity to collaborate with your peers on a compelling project while you learn and apply the principles of teamwork, communication, and leadership. It's learning in real life, and you'll take the principles with you into all of your interactions."

-Jackie Freeman, 2021-22


"I’m so happy I participated in the Rising Stars program. It gave me professional and friendly connections that have offered invaluable support over the past few years. Perhaps most importantly, the program provided me with a comprehensive leadership training that I’ve been able to leverage throughout my transition into a Library Director role."

-Liz Kellermeyer, 2018-19


"The Rising Stars program gave me a sense of finding my path within the medical library community, initiated the development of my leadership style, and helped me consider all of the opportunities that are available within MLA. If you are new to the profession, I encourage you to apply to be a Rising Star and begin your development as a leader."

-Tony Ngyuen, 2016-17


"I got a lot out of my time as a Rising Star. Not only did I learn about leadership, but I also made connections with others that have expanded my professional network and collaborators. I also really enjoyed working with my cohort on our project. My cohort met often, not only because of our project but also because we became friends. If I could go back in time and tell myself when I was debating whether to apply or not, I would tell myself, 'Do it! It’s worth it and you’ll learn a lot!'"

-JJ Pionke, 2020-21


"The Rising Stars Leadership program appealed to me because of all the great things I heard about it! I’m happy that I’m a 2021-2022 Rising Star, because the people in this program are soooooooo amazing and the things you learn are very practical and relatable to my work. This program is very well thought-out and executed and I’m happy that I’m a Rising Star."

-Nancy Shin, 2021-22


"The Rising Stars Leadership program was a great way for me to learn about and reinforce my strengths, both as a future leader in MLA and in my career. I felt like one of the best things about the program was the relationship building that occurred while collaborating on our project. Each of us had unique perspectives and skills because of our experiences, so it made our interactions much richer because we are learning from each other. It was also an excellent opportunity to learn about MLA as an organization. The experience gave me a greater appreciation of how important the development of people is to the success of any organization. You should definitely apply!"

-Kelsa Bartley, 2019-20


If you would like to discuss the program or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a director!


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