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Official Meeting Blogger: What’s New with PubMed? NLM’s PubMed Update at MLA’19

With the transition to “New PubMed” later this year, The National Library of Medicine’s PubMed Update on Sunday May 5th was well attended. If you weren’t able to make it, here are a few takeaways as well as resources to learn more about the changes ahead:

  • NLM’s test site, PubMed Labs, is scheduled to become the production version of PubMed in September 2019. The current version will remain available for several months after the transition before phasing out. The presenters stressed that these dates are flexible, however.
  • The new PubMed will feature a mobile-first and responsive layout, an updated search results page with article “snippets” related to the search query, and feature the “Best Match” search algorithm, though the date sort order will remain available.
  • Keep in mind that PubMed Labs only contains limited features and is evolving daily, so don’t be alarmed if your favorite feature isn’t available yet.
  • NLM welcomes your feedback on PubMed Labs. Send your questions, comments, or ideas to the NLM Helpdesk.

To stay informed of updates to PubMed Labs, visit or subscribe to the NLM Technical Bulletin. The presenters shared that the PubMed Update recording will be made available on the NLM Technical Bulletin later this month.

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