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What is the ICLC?

Mosaic / Mosaique - Be part of the big picture / Faites partie due portrait global is a joint meeting Medical Library Association (MLA), the Canadian Health Libraries Association/Association des bibliothèques de la santé du Canada (CHLA/ABSC), and the International Clinical Librarian Conference (ICLC). I am sure a lot of the readers of this blog are members of the two first organisations but less of you may be aware of the International Clinical Librarian Conference.

If you are interested in Clinical Librarianship, then we have highlighted some of the wonderful sessions on the Mosaic meeting online planner that will be of particular interest to you, with this stethoscope icon:

iclc stethoscope.png

The International Clinical Librarian Conference

Who are we and what do we do?

The International Clinical Librarian Conference (ICLC) runs conferences, targeted at Clinical Librarians and any other health librarian who finds the topics covered of interest, particularly informationists, embedded and outreach librarians.  There is an ICLC organised discussion list for Clinical Librarians (and anyone who finds this area of work interesting), you can join by visiting International Clinical Librarian Discussion List

All ICLC events are advertised widely across international health libraries discussion lists in addition to this list, and on twitter and via the Clinical Librarian Blog

The ICLC is not a membership organization.  Anyone may attend their events.  The Clinical Librarians at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust form the organizing committee for the ICLC. They originated the first Clinical Librarian Conference in 2002. Subsequent successful conferences have been run in Leicester, London, York and Birmingham, with International Joint events in Brisbane Australia, Boston USA and Edinburgh Scotland. Joint conferences have been held  with the MLA, ICAHIS, ICML and EAHIL.

This page lists our past events (often including links to the presentations from those events) and also advertises our future plans:

ICLC Events

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April 26, 2016 03:26 PM by Ellen M. Aaronson, AHIP

Thank you for your post Orvie!  I will be blogging on Clinical Librarians (and Hospital Libraries) in Toronto and would love to talk with ICLC members!  

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