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What Exactly is a Knaked Dress?

Image credit: Lee-Anne Ufholz

Bonjour à tous! Hello everyone!

Some of you may remember me from previous MLA Meeting Blogs, as I covered plenary and program sessions in AustinBoston and Seattle. Very serious matters. But this year, this lady wild be taking a walk on the frivolous side. As Social Butterfly - French Correspondent, be ready for a thorough coverage of mundane events, in either French or English. I'll alternate languages... so keep Google Translate on hand.

Now some might have heard of the Knaked Dress tradition at the CHLA Conference Banquet. It all started when my friend Lindsey Sikora wore a navy dress adorned with a front lace and sheer panel at CHLA'13 in Saskatoon. Tim Tripp's reaction to this dress was: "Oh my God! I thought you were NAKED under that dress!" And thus the #KnakedDress hashtag was born, with a K added in just for fun.

So if you own a Knaked Dress - a dress with a lace overlay, or any see-through fabric - be sure to pack it for Mosaic'16, and wear it at the President's Award Dinner. We are aiming for a new record: number to beat is 6! Seen above at CHLA'15 in Vancouver: Lindsey Sikora, Monique Clar, myself, Tara Landry, Orvie Dingwall and Marjory Jardine.

(Chers lecteurs francophones, mes billets en français recevront l'étiquette "Carnet mondain". À bientôt!)

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