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Twitter Hashtags at Mosaic '16

Whether you're at home, or in-person at the conference, following on Twitter is a great way to Be Part of the Big Picture at Mosaic '16.

We've created some tips for you to follow Mosaic '16 on Twitter

Official Tweeters

Be sure to follow Mosaic's 16 keynote speakers and Official Tweeters.


Don't forget to use the conference hashtag #mlanet16 on all of your Tweets!

If you'd like to target Canadian content, be sure to include the hashtag #CanMedLibs, and for International Clinical Librarians, use #ICLC.

Some other hashtags you mya want to use or follow include:

  • #FirstTimer
  • #sunrise (for any Sunrise Seminars or Early Riser sessions)
  • #exhibits
  • #plenary – plus the number (e.g. #plenary2 for Ben Goldacre)
  • #papers
    • with the room number (e.g. #papers202D)
    • with the session theme (e.g. #papers #ebm)
  • #lightning – plus the session number (e.g. #lightning2)
  • #posters – plus the poster session number (e.g. #posters3)
  • #NLM
  • #MLATTT (Top Tech Trends panel)
  • #MedLibs – may be relevant to highlight certain content for U.S. medical librarians

Twitter Tips

Audience: Keep the people who are following along from off-site in mind.  They aren’t interested in whether the room is cold or how good the food is. Instead, focus on what you’re learning and what the speakers are saying.

Don’t Start a Tweet with @: If you begin a tweet with someone’s handle, only the people who follow you and that person will see the tweet. It’s common practice to start the tweet with another character besides @ (e.g. .@odingwall is explaining the twitter guidelines for #mlanet16)

Start Tweets with #mlanet16: It may also be helpful to begin your tweets with the conference hashtag to:

  • Avoid starting a tweet with someone’s handle;
  • Remember to include the conference hashtag; and
  • Help you plan how many characters you have left for your tweet

(e.g. #mlanet16 twitter guidelines are being described by @odingwall)

Photos, Images, Videos, Memes, GIFs, and other media

Adding media is a great way to enhance your tweets and is encouraged. While all attendees have signed a release indicating MLA can use their image for official meeting purposes, be mindful of what you post.

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