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Takeaways from Seattle

I have been coming to MLA for 3 reasons -- see longtime buddies, make new buddies and pick up a pearl or two of wisdom.  

I have had another successful MLA and hope you have also. 

My longtime buddies, not all of them were here this time--like Carolyn Reid and Mark Funk or Holly Kimborowicz or Ana Cleveland, just to name a few. But, to my delight and surprise, Tovah Reis was here and I have discovered she has moved close to me at home! Was great to catchup with Elaine Martin and Judy Consales and Louise McLaughlin in more detail and get lots of "things are fine with me" from other members I care about. 

I made new buddies. In a prior blog I wrote how much I enjoyed being with my Colleague Connection, Allison Erlinger. It was great to share my Saturday afternoon talking Magnet with the participants in my CE class.  I met new fellow yogis at the session Joanne Marshall led to kick off my meeting. 

Taking home many pearls of wisdom. The posters and other sessions gave me ideas to try at home for my customers. Julie Angus's practical and creative tips on weathering storms will better ground me when making decisions. As a solo hospital librarian, my HLS colleagues have assured me we will continue to be strategic in our thinking to keep hospital librarians in place and hospital library doors open. 

Safe travels home.  Have great years!  Continued success!  See you next year in Atlanta.



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