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Sunrise Seminar: An "Inside/Outside" Look at Cochrane: Update from Carol Lefebvre

Like many of you, I started my day off by attending one of the Sunrise Seminars: An "Inside/Outside" Look at Cochrane: Update from Carol Lefebvre. The thing that I actually appreciated most from the session was the video that we watched that took a look back at how Cochrane came to be. While I was familiar with the Cochrane Library going into this session, I was not as aware of the background story of how it actually got started. While Carol Lefebvre shared a lot of other valuable information, this brief look at the history of Cochrane was what stood out to me the most. I value the importance of history and find it so interesting how things start with a person, an idea, a question, etc. and can grow into something so much more. In my opinion, learning the history of something also helps my current understanding of it. I have not been a librarian very long (just a little over a year now). I have had to learn a lot during that time and I know that I have so much more to learn...including getting more familiar with the products and tools that I use in my job every day. Thanks to this session I can definitely say that I will be leaving this conference with a better understanding of Cochrane than I had when I arrived.

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