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Seeking Canadian Mentors and Mentees for Colleague Connection at Mosaic 2016

What is Colleague Connection?

Colleague Connection is a long-standing program offered by the Medical Library Association to new members and first-time meeting attendees.

The program pairs first-timers (mentees) with experience meeting attendees (mentors) to help guide show the mentee the ropes and make the best use of their time in what is always a busy meeting.

Often these connections continue beyond the meeting, developing into more formal mentor/mentee relationships, or long-lasting friendships.

What is the role of the Mentor?

Mentors typically connect with their mentee before the meeting and a few times throughout the meeting.

In-person introductions, if they haven’t happened already, will take place during the CHLA/ABSC First Timers’ Reception on Saturday May 14 from 16:30 to 17:15.

While not required, some pairs find they will attend most events — formal and informal —together at the meeting.

What makes a good a Mentor?

If you enjoy meeting new people, have experience attending both CHLA/ABSC and MLA meetings, and work in Canada you will make an excellent mentor.

Who makes a good Mentee?

Are you a new CHLA/ABSC member or a first-time conference attendee?  If so, you'll make a great mentee candidate.  Pair up with an experienced Mentor, learn how the conference ropes work, and build your network! 

How do I apply?

Colleague Connection mentors can apply online at:

If you have any questions, please contact Erin Menzies (, CHLA/ABSC Colleague Connection Coordinator or Katherine Downton (, MLA Membership Committee.

The deadline to volunteer is April 25.



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