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New at MLA ’19! Option to share personal pronouns on badges!


rainbow | by essygie

Diversity and inclusivity are important to MLA. At MLA ’19, attendees will have the option of selecting personal pronouns on the registration form, and your pronouns will be visible on meeting badges.

People identify on a broad spectrum of gender identities, including male, female, non-binary, and more. It’s important to remember that gender identity is not visible. It’s an internal sense of one’s own gender. While many people feel that their gender identity aligns with the sex assigned to them at birth, this is not true for many others.

Using a person’s chosen name and desired pronouns is a form of mutual respect and courtesy. You can’t always know someone’s gender identity just by looking at them, which is why sharing and making pronouns visible is important.

A culture that readily asks or provides pronouns is one committed to reducing the risk of disrespect and embarrassment for all community members. MLA is building an inclusive culture for all of our members, and adding the option of sharing personal pronouns on meeting badges is a good step in that direction.

Learn more:

  1. National Center for Transgender Equality: Supporting the Transgender People in Your Life: A Guide to Being a Good Ally
  2. Human Rights Campaign: Talking About Pronouns in the Workplace
  3. Human Rights Campaign: Affirmative Care for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming People: Best Practices for Front-Line Health Care Staff
  5. UW Milwaukee: LGBT Resource Center: Gender Pronouns


In mid-January, MLA members will receive the Preliminary Program by mail and online registration will open at


See you at MLA ’19 in Chicago!

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