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MLA'17 Program Session 2

Registration is still open!  Review the program schedule for the Monday, May 29th, session from 10:30 - 11:55 – log into the online Itinerary Planner to mark your favorites!

Session: Clinical Rounding: Tips from the Field
Moderator: Angela Spencer – C. Alan McAfee MD Medical Library

Session: Closing the Loop: Using Data Analysis and Visualization to Get the Most out of Your Library Assessment

Session: Daring to Dream: Facilitating Scientific Communication
Moderator: Claire B. Joseph, AHIP – South Nassau Communities Hospital

            1 - The Value of Case Studies in Evidence-Based Librarianship: An Examination of the Journal of the Medical Library Association
            2 - Developing a Model for Faculty Scholarly Metrics Services across Diverse Health Sciences Audiences: From Dreaming to Doing
            3 - Collaborating with Faculty Physicians to Mentor Residents’ Writing: Expanding Clinical Librarian’s Role to Support Residents’ Scholarly Activities
            4 - Increasing Clinical Scholarship: Promoting the Publication of Medical Case Reports
            5 - Dreaming and Daring Beyond the Traditional: Building an Interdisciplinary Scholarly Community

Session: Dreaming of a Healthier Community: Librarians Doing Research
Moderator: Montie' Dobbins, AHIP – Louisiana State University Health

            1 - The Effects of a Telemedicine Health Information Prescription in Uncontrolled Hypertensive Patients in a Family Medicine Ambulatory Clinic
            2 - Health Insurance Information Needs: How Librarians Can Help
            3 - Public Libraries in the Age of the Affordable Care Act
            4 - Analyzing South Carolina Public Libraries Reach through Twitter Health Information Dissemination
            5 - What Roles Do Chinese Health Sciences Libraries Play in Their Nation's Cigarette Smoking Public Health Crisis?

Session: Engaging Strategies to Teach Information Literacy to Distance Learners


Session: Librarians as Innovative Collaborators: Doing What it Takes to Form New Partnerships
Moderator: Francesca Allegri – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

            1 - Providing Support for an Interdisciplinary Research Group with a Multidisciplinary Informationist Team: Is It Effective?
            2 - Change Leadership: Partnering with Institutional Stakeholders to Address the Need for Collaboration Spaces and Data Management Support for Research Success
            3 - Implementing the Vision: Making Research Evaluation Services a Reality
            4 - The Librarian’s Role in Attracting and Caring for Preceptors
            5 - Horsing Around: Creating an Exhibit on Equine Anatomy from a Historical Veterinary Medicine Collection


Session: Lightning Talks 2
Moderator: Jeffrey G. Coghill, AHIP – East Carolina University

            1 - Developing a Library Clinical App to Bring the Evidence to the Point of Care
            2 - Showing Value and Impact: Creating a Library Dashboard
            3 - Not Going as Planned: Lessons Learned from Co-Teaching a Case-Based Learning Activity
            4 - SPACE INVADERS: How Hospital Library Space Reduction Can Be a Good Thing
            5 - Adventures in Scholarly Publishing: An Elective Course for M4 Students
            6 - Kinesiology: Moving the Science of Movement into a New Relationship with the Health Sciences Library
            7 - Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Access Database for Patron Interaction Tracking: A Budget-Friendly Reference Statistics Solution
            8 - After the Systematic Review Search: A Case Study on Responding to Peer Reviewers' Comments on Systematic Review Manuscript Submissions to Medical Academic Journals
            9 - Being Mortal and Beyond: Meeting Spiritual Needs of Staff and Caregivers
            10 - Partnering Across Campus to Implement an Electronic Laboratory Notebook System at the University of Michigan

            11 - A Guide to Critical Appraisal Tools and Reporting Guidelines: Matching Purpose and Type of Evidence with the Appropriate Tool
            12 - Dare to Invite Yourself to the Table
            13 - "What Type of Review Are You?" An Interactive Game to Teach Users about Review Literature Typology
            14 - Informationists and Library Impact on Patient and Population Care: Strategies, Process, and Practicalities


Session: Systematic Reviews: From Start to Finish
Moderator: Susan A. Fowler – Bernard Becker Medical Library

                1 - Building Capacity for a Systematic Review Core in an Academic Health Sciences Library
                2 - Daring to Realize the Dream of Published Systematic Reviews
                3 - Systematic Reviews at the University of California, San Francisco: An Evaluation of Methodology
                4 - Advancing a Librarian’s Role in a Rapid Review: Data Screening
                5 - Group Discussion Time

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