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Pizer, Irwin H.*

MLA Elected Offices and Committee Chair Appointments

  • Bulletin of the Medical Library Association, editor, 1989-91
  • National Program Committee, chair, 1987-89 and 1976-78
  • Board of Directors, 1975-78

Honors and Awards

  • Marcia C. Noyes Award, 1991
  • Fellow, 1989
  • ISI/Frank Bradway Rogers Information Advancement Award, 1987
  • President's Award, 1986
  • Janet Doe Lecturer, 1984
  • Ida and George Eliot Prize, 1966
  • Murray Gottlieb Prize, 1964
  • MLA Scholarship, 1959
  • Academy of Health Information Professionals, Distinguished Member

Publications (5 representative)

  • Pizer HH. Looking backward, 1984-1959: twenty-five years of library automation-a personal view. Bull Med Libr Assoc 1984 Oct;72(4):335-48.
  • Theall JN, Pizer HH. New library buildings. Part VIII. The Library of the Health Sciences, University of Illinois at the Medical Center, Chicago. Bull Med Libr Assoc1976 Oct;64(4):402-11.
  • Pizer HH. A regional medical library network. Bull Med Libr Assoc 1969 Apr;57(2):101-15.Pizer HH. The SUNY Biomedical Communication Network: implementation of an on-line, real time, user-oriented system. Proc Am Doc Inst 1967;4:258-62.
  • Pizer IH, Franz DR, Brodman E. Mechanization of library procedures in the medium-sized medical library:I. The serial record. Bull Med Libr Assoc 1963 Jul;51(3):313-38..


  • University Librarian, University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago, IL, 1971-89
  • Director, Greater Midwest Region, NN/LM, 1979-89
  • Director of Libraries, State University of New York, Buffalo, NY, 1969-71
  • Director, Health Sciences Library, Upstate Medical Center, State University of New York, Syracuse, NY 1964-69
  • Librarian, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO, 1961-64
  • Intern, National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MD, 1960-61

MLA published statements about the fellow

  • Hodges TM. Irwin Howard Pizer, 1934-1991 (obituary). Bull Med Libr Assoc 1992 Jan; 80(1):63-6.
  • Crawford S. Irwin H. Pizer, twentieth editor of the Bulletin. Bull Med Libr Assoc 1989 Jan; 77(1):77-8.


(Birth 1934; death 1991)

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