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National Medical Librarian Month Impact Story: Heidi Sue Adams

Working behind the scenes, it’s easy to be overlooked. But health information professionals play a critical role in healthcare, research, and education. Working with medical librarians makes an impact on quality of patient care and the advancement of medical knowledge. Let us know how you’re making an impact and the value you bring to your institution.

This week we have a story from Heidi Sue Adams, lead medical librarian at Logan Health in Montana.

I provided a literature search upon request for a small group of physicians regarding differential diagnoses for a patient who wasn't responding to treatment. 

Some time later, my supervisor at the time, an RN, came to me in the Medical Library with profuse gratitude. Apparently that patient (unknown to me) was her family member. 

She said "I thought I knew what medical libraries do, but I did not truly understand until now. Because of your literature search, you saved my Dad. The information you provided helped our doctors get the right diagnosis and he responded to the new treatment. Your information saved my Dad's life. Now I get it, what medical librarians do. Thank you." 

As a medical librarian, I am very appreciative of all clinical staff and students who use their medical library and librarians; collaborating on cases, requesting services, and providing input for suggested enhanced information services. Thank you.

Have you made an impact in your institution? Share your story with your colleagues to be posted this month!

In honor of National Medical Librarian's Month, share stories about how the work you do has made an impact.

Don’t forget you can also submit the full story as an MLAConnect article.

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