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My Favorite Tool 2020: Updates and Recruitment Timeline

MLA '20 logoThe Technology in Education Caucus is pleased to announce the following changes, updates, and the recruiting timeline for the My Favorite Tool session during MLA ’20. In 2019, the contestant slots filled up in less than twenty-four hours! Below are some changes and new things you can expect to see in 2020.


Major changes include:

  • Contestants must attend the MLA annual meeting to participate.
  • Contestants may not do live tool demonstrations.
  • Contestants can use PowerPoint presentations.
  • We will not have judges.

New things for 2020 are:

  • We will have moderated discussions by tool platforms. These discussions will take place after all the tools have been presented by contestants.
  • We will only use one rubric to evaluate the moderators and the contestants.

This year, the caucus has reorganized the My Favorite Tool session, but we will still provide $150 in prizes at the end of the session.

Three different opportunities to participate in My Favorite Tool

Think Tank (6–8 members)

  • Approximately a three-month commitment (December 2019–April 2020)
  • You must be enthusiastic and flexible. Yes, some work is involved—sorry—but you can include it on your CV!
  • Attendance at MLA ’20 and the My Favorite Tool session is optional.

Moderators (2–3 individuals): Recruitment starts on January 2, 2020!

  • State why you want to be a My Favorite Tool moderator (200 words maximum).
  • Provide examples of your moderating and/or My Favorite Tool experience.
  • We will have a back-up list, just in case conflicts arise.
  • Attendance at the entire My Favorite Tool session is mandatory!

Contestants (15 individuals): Recruitment opens on January 21, 2020.

The recruiting timeline

Mark your calendars and keep your eyes on your email addresses…this session fills quickly!

  • List up to 3 tools that you would like to present. Please consult the 2018 and 2019 tools list, because the tools must be new!
    • Prepare a three-minute presentation and appropriate responses to the moderator questions (provided by April 2020). You may use PowerPoint presentations. We will be sticklers about the three minutes.
    • We will have a back-up list, just in case conflicts arise.
    • Attend an optional session with Margaret A. Hoogland, AHIP, in late March or early April to get your questions answered before the meeting.
  • Attendance at the entire My Favorite Tool session is mandatory!

If you have any questions or if the links are not working, please contact Margaret Hoogland.

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