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MLA/AAHSL Call for Transparency & Impartiality in the Dissemination of Health Information

Today, MLA President Lisa K. Traditi, AHIP and AAHSL President Sandra Franklin, AHIP, FMLA urged the House Select Subcommittee on the CORONAVIRUS CRISIS reject all attempts to interfere with or delay the dissemination of scientific evidence.  


The MLA Governmental Relations Committee encourages members of the health sciences library community to share the statement, MLA/AAHSL Call for Transparency and Impartiality in the Dissemination of Health Information, with your elected officials.  Help them understand how scientific evidence is being used to combat the CORONAVIRUS in your local areas and throughout your state. Let them know that interfering with or delaying the dissemination of scientific evidence is unacceptable and dangerous.

Email is the most expedient way to reach your Representatives and Senators. 

For contact information go to:

Find your Senators and Representatives and click on the links to go their websites. There you should find information for sending them an email. 

Go to these links to read:

Please contact Mary Langman with questions or for more information.



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