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MLA Announces 2021 Award for Distinguished Public Service

On occasion, MLA will honor persons whose exemplary actions have served to advance the health, welfare, and intellectual freedom of the public. The MLA Board of Directors is pleased to bestow the MLA Award for Distinguished Public Service to Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., National Institute of Allergy, and Infectious Disease (NIAID) Director.

Faced with political pressures to downplay the COVID-19 virus’ dangers and the growing infection and death rate, Dr. Fauci provided straight talk to the public about what the science told us – even as the science changed. Providing updated information in a clear and calm manner, without hyperbole or sugar-coating, was welcomed by an alarmed public. In a sea of misinformation, often from those in high public office, he never wavered from the scientific facts and what they meant for the public. MLA applauds Dr. Fauci’s continued dedication and willingness to take the public stage and explain the science.

Dr. Fauci is deeply honored to receive this MLA Award. As expected, he is currently overwhelmed with requests and responsibilities and is unable to participate in the MLA Awards Ceremony on May 10. The MLA Board of Directors hopes to meet with him at another time to acknowledge his outstanding contributions to public health.

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