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Middleton, William Shainline (MD) (Honorary Member - Fellow)*

Honors and Awards 


  • Honorary Membership (Fellow), 1961 

Other Awards 

  • Veterans Hospital in Madison, WI, named the William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Administration Hospital, 1975 
  • University of Wisconsin medical library named the William S. Middleton Health Sciences Library, 19652004 
  • Honorary doctorate degrees from 6 universities 
  • Royal Society of Medicine: Honorary Fellow 
  • US Army: Distinguished Service MedalLegion of Merit 
  • France’s Croix de Guerre with Palm 
  • Most Excellent Order of the British Empire 

Other Accomplishments & Activities (selected) 

  • Considered one of the greatest clinical medicine teachers 
  • Instrumental in formulating a national curriculum for residency training in internal medicine and a structured system of examination to achieve board certification 
  • Major role in founding the National Library of Medicine 
  • American College of Physicians: president, 1950 
  • American Clinical and Climatological Association: elected member, 1947 
  • American Board of Internal Medicine: founder, 1939; Board: member, 1939; secretary-treasurer, 1939 
  • American Association for the History of Medicine: charter member; president, 1934 

Publications (5 representative) 

Over 300 contributions to the peer-reviewed medical literature, over 40 on history of medicine. Five of the most cited: 

  • Middleton WS. Diffuse systemic sclerosis. Alfred Stengel Memorial Lecture. Ann Intern Med. 1962 Apr;57(2 part 1):18397. 
  • Middleton WS, Burke M. Streptococcus viridans endocarditis lenta: a clinic-pathologic analysis of the experience in the Wisconsin General Hospital. Am J Med Sci. 1939; 198(3):30123. 
  • Middleton WS, McCarter JC. The diagnosis of periarteritis nodosa. Am J Med Sci. 1935;190:291308. 
  • Middleton WS, Oatway WH. Insulin shock and the myocardium. Am J Med Sci. 1931;181:3952. 
  • Eyster JAC, Middleton WS. Clinical studies on venous pressure. Arch Intern Med. 1924;34(4):22842. 

Professional Positions 

  • Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University of Wisconsin 
  • Distinguished Physician, Veterans Administration 
  • Chief Medical Director, Department of Medicine & Surgery, US Veterans Administration, 19551963 
  • Dean, Medical School, University of Wisconsin–Madison, 19351955 
  • Professor of Medicine, Medical School, University of Wisconsin–Madison, 19331935 
  • Clinical Instructor in Medicine, Medical School, University of Wisconsin–Madison, 1912 
  • Chief Consultant in Medicine, US Armed Forces, European Theater of Operations, 19421945 
  • US Expeditionary Forces, France, 19171919 

MLA published statements about the fellow 


  • Internship, Philadelphia General Hospital, 1912 
  • MD, University of Pennsylvania, 1911 


Submitted by Diane McKenzie, FMLA 


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