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Official Meeting Blogger: Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks are a taster tray of tips and insights on a wide assortment of topics. Savor these morsels from Lightning Talks Session 3 at MLA’19. 

  • Try a poster with a short survey to increase interaction at residency orientation fairs (Atwood et al.)
  • Avoid legal trouble by ensuring credit lines with CC-licensed images used in social media (Ansell et al.)
  • Use literature searches to aid departments or colleges in identifying potential candidates and nominators for recruitment (Denton et al.) 
  • Marshall your library’s staff and teamwork skills to simultaneously support numerous student systematic review teams (Ledbetter et al.)
  • Get data about harassment in your library and sign-on to the NASEM Action Collaborative (Barr-Walker)   
  • Define terms and target groups precisely for effective weeding of results to match searcher with requestor needs (Morgan-Daniel et al.)
  • Collaborate with libraries of all kinds to target populations for community outreach (Malachowski) 
  • Develop your brand through the use of storytelling and historical collections (Young)
  • Ensure data archives use the FAIR Guiding Principles (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) (Surkis et al.)
  • Engage with faculty and administrators by providing research metrics support (Abdulla et al.)
  • Remember FIRE (feasible, interesting, relevant, and ethical) to select articles for journal clubs (Chapman)
  • Help families of those with terminal cancer diagnoses via assistance identifying sources, formulating questions, and using search terms (Coder)
  • Adopt external strategies, such as education and colleague support, to cope with imposter syndrome (Werner et al.)
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