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Instructional Design Webinar Series

MLA’s four-part series on instructional design helps novice and experienced teachers and course designers be more effective in how they design, deliver and evaluate their face-to-face and online instruction. For more information on the webinars, click on the title. For other recorded webinars, go to MEDLIB-ED.

What’s Theory Got to Do with It? Learning Theories, Instructional Design, and the Librarian

Explore common (and not so common) learning theories, how they’ve influenced us and how we can use them to design our teaching.

After attending this session, participants will be able to:

  • define instructional design and learning theory
  • distinguish among the schools of learning theory
  • identify and adapt a theory that best fits their values and students
  • draft an instructional plan using a learning theory

Designing Online Instruction: It’s Not Just for Distance Education Anymore

This webinar will teach you new and exciting ways to create online instructional materials for distance, blended, or even face-to-face sessions. The first part of the session will focus on defining different types of online instructional materials and strategies, while the second half will focus on “Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation” (ADDIE) and software programs for creating online videos.


Don’t Flip Out! Exploring Team-Based Learning

This webinar will explore the fundamentals of team-based learning (TBL), a small group–based instructional strategy. Participants will learn the framework of traditional TBL as well as gain more in-depth information on the essential elements of TBL, including group formation, accountability, feedback, and assignment creation. Some typical examples of how TBL is being executed in health profession education courses will be highlighted, with more time dedicated to how TBL is more likely to be done in library instruction. Participants will learn how TBL differs from problem-based learning (PBL) and other flipped classroom techniques and how they might be able to pull in TBL elements into their next instructional opportunity.


Setting Yourself Up for Success with Learning Assessment

A crucial component of instructional design is assessing the effectiveness of the instruction. This webinar will present a variety of approaches to assessing learning. Topics include selection of an assessment strategy based on learning outcomes, the kinds of evidence that are desired, and resources available to support assessment, development of assessment methods and tools, and analysis and use of the results.



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