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Higdon, Thomas D.

See also Thoms D. Higdon's Oral History Summary


MLA Elected Offices and Committee Chair Appointments

  • MLA Nominating Committee, member, 1980–1981
  • MLA Annual Meeting Committee, Program and Convention Committee, member, 1978–1980; chair, 1980–1981
  • MLA/National Library of Medicine Task Force on the Impact of MEDLARS II on Cataloging and Classification in Medical Libraries, member, 1974–1975
  • Committee on Bibliographic Projects and Problems, member, 1969–1972
  • Membership Committee, member, 1964–1965
  • Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona, Arizona Chapter, cochair, 1976


Honors and Awards

  • Fellow, 1991
  • Academy of Health Information Professionals, Distinguished Member
Other Accomplishments and Activities (selected)
  • Cataloged the collection for the new Texas Tech University School of Medicine Library–Lubbock, TX
  • Merged several library collections into one reclassified collection using the National Library of Medicine Classification for the Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library
  • One of first four faculty members hired at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine
  • Developed the collection for the new Arizona Medical Center Library at the University of Arizona
  • As field librarian, visited every medical library in Arizona to share with them information on the services and collections of the Arizona Medical Center Library
  • Association of Academic Health Sciences Library Directors, Audit Committee, cochair, 1979–1980, chair, 1980–1981; Nominating Committee, member, 1978
  • Editor, Arizona Medical Center Library Bulletin, 1968–1971
  • Arizona State Library Association, Special Libraries Division, president, 1980–1981


Publications (5 representative)

  • Higdon TD. Some effects of MEDLARS II on cataloging in academic medical libraries. Paper presented at: MLA/NLM Liaison Committee Special Session Medical Library Association Annual Meeting; Cleveland, OH; June 2, 1975.
  • Higdon TD, ed. The Hugh H. Smith, M.D., Collection in the College of Medicine Library of the University of Arizona. Tucson, AZ; 1970.
  • Higdon TD, ed. Checklist of 20th century books in the Arizona Medical Center Library. 1st ed. 1969; 1st supplement, 1970.
  • Higdon TD, Bishop D. Advances in medical bibliographic control, 1954–1958, part I. Bull Med Lib Assoc. 1959 Jul;47(3):274–87 [Cited 25 Sep 2013].
  • Higdon TD, Bishop D. Advances in medical bibliographic control, 1954–1958, part II. Bull Med Lib Assoc. 1959 Oct;47(4):393–415 [Cited 25 Sep 2013].


Professional Positions

  • Health Sciences Center Library Librarian, University of Arizona–Tucson, 1977–1990
  • Acting Librarian, University of Arizona–Tucson, 1976–1977
  • Head, Processing Services/Assistant Librarian, University of Arizona–Tucson, 1975–1976
  • Head, Cataloging Services, Medical Center Library, Houston Academy of Medicine, Houston, TX, 1972–1975
  • Associate Librarian for Technical Services, School of Medicine Library, Texas Tech University–Lubbock, 1971–1972
  • Field Librarian, Medical Center Library, University of Arizona–Tucson, 1970–1971
  • Head Catalog Librarian, Medical Center Library, University of Arizona–Tucson, 1965–1969
  • Assistant Head, Catalog Division, Biomedical Library, University of California–Los Angeles, 1961–1964
  • Reference Librarian, Biomedical Library, University of California–Los Angeles, 1960–1961
  • Head of Cataloging and Head of Technical Services, Los Angeles County Medical Association Library, Los Angeles, CA, 1958–1960.


MLA published statements about the fellow



  • MSLS, Columbia University School of Library Service (with training in medical bibliography at the College of Physicians & Surgeons, NY), 1958
  • BA, University of Oklahoma, 1957
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