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Helping New Orleans After Ida

While the 2022 Annual Meeting is approximately 245 days away, the city of New Orleans needs our help now! On the afternoon of Sunday, August 29, Ida made landfall near Port Fourchon, Louisiana, at category 4 hurricane strength (meaning wind speeds reached about 150 mph). Port Fourchon is located on the Gulf of Mexico, only 100 miles directly south of New Orleans. 

The National Program Committee (NPC) members and coleads of our Local Assistance Committee (LAC), Jennifer Lloyd and Keith Pickett and their families, are located in New Orleans and remained throughout the storm. Many other MLA members, friends, and family in the area have been impacted as well. While many people were able to evacuate to safety, many were not. Damage from high-speed winds and flooding have been seen in photos shared through the news and social media. Currently, large-scale power outages combined with high temperatures are impacting those still in the area. 

Let’s lend a hand to our colleagues and the citizens of New Orleans. Jennifer Lloyd has recommended the following charities accepting digital donations—but you are welcome to find other ways to help. Recovery will take time and the support of many. 

Ways you can help now: 

MLA is committed to bringing the 2022 meeting to New Orleans. The city is resilient and we hope that those who are able to join us in New Orleans will explore the city and take part in the history and culture while supporting local businesses. 

The NPC will work with the LAC on 2022 service projects that engage MLA members in continuing efforts to make a difference in the lives of those living in New Orleans. 

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