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Graham, Irene

MLA Elected Offices and Committee Chair Appointments

  • Honors and Awards Committee, Subcommittee on the Eliot Prize, member, 1973–1977, chair, 1976–1977
  • Nominating Committee, member, 1969–1971
  • National Convention, Facilities and Arrangements Committee, cochair, 1968–1969
  • Advisory Committee on Library Problems, member, 1966–1967
  • Standards for Medical Librarianship Committee, assistant chair, 1966–1967; Subcommittee on Certification, member, 1962–1966, chair, 1964–1966
  • Standards for Medical Librarianship Committee, Subcommittee on Internship, member, 1955–1959, chair, 1958–1959
  • Southern Chapter: Nominating Committee, chair, 1973; Chapter chair, 1964–1965; Membership Committee, chair, 1962–1963; convention and program chair, 1959–1960 and 1977–1978; secretary-treasurer 1957–1958


Honors and Awards

  • Fellow, 1987
  • Honorary Member, Southern Chapter, MLA
  • Academy of Health Information Professionals, Distinguished Member
Other Accomplishments and Activities
  • Strong sense of architectural design helped her successfully launched two new library buildings
  • Instrumental in procuring art by Mississippi artists for display at the Rowland Medical Library. Her personal art collection includes over 300 original works, mostly by Mississippi and Southern artists
  • Committed to continuing education for all staff members
  • National Library of Medicine/Southeastern Regional Medical Library Program, Executive Committee and Advisory Committee, member
  • Special Libraries Association, Biological Section, The Reminder (official division publication) , editor 1966–1968; chair, 1965–1966; Annual Meeting Program, cochair, 1953–1954
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Accreditation site visit team
  • Mississippi Library Association: By-laws & Constitution Committee, chair; Central West Division, chair; Scholarship Committee, chair, 1973–1974; committee charged with surveying the State of Mississippi special library holdings, chair
  • Jackson Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors, member
  • Personal collection of over 2,500 books: “If the house caught on fire, I would rescue my books first”


Publications (5 representative)


Professional Positions

  • Director, Rowland Medical Library, University of Mississippi–Jackson, 1955–1986
  • Director, College of Medicine Library, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, 1953–1955
  • Clerk, Art and Music Department, Cincinnati Public Library, Cincinnati, OH


MLA published statements about the fellow



  • Graduate School of Librarianship, University of Illinois, 1953
  • BA, ancient and medieval history, College of Liberal Arts, University of Cincinnati, 1948
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