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Foster, Eloise C

MLA Elected Offices and Committee Chair Appointments

  • Ad Hoc Centennial Coordinating Committee, member, 1994−1999
  • Membership Committee, member, 1992−1995
  • President-elect, president, past president, 1988–1990
  • Board of Directors, member, 1980–1983; 1988−1990
  • Nominating Committee, member, 1978–1979; 1984–1985; 1995−1996
  • 1980 National Program Committee, member, 1978−1980
  • Hospital Library Standards and Practices Committee, member, 1978–1980
  • Ad Hoc Committee to Develop Criteria for Hospital Library Consultants, member, 1979−1981
  • Ad Hoc Committee to Study the Feasibility of an Accreditation Program for Hospital Libraries, member, 1976–1978
  • MLA special consultant on hospital library standards, 1976−1980
  • Health Sciences Library Technicians Committee, member, 1975−1979
  • Committee on Certification, member, 1973−1975
  • Health Association Libraries Section, member
  • Hospital Libraries Section, member


  • Midwest Chapter/MLA
  • Southern Chapter/MLA


Honors and Awards

Other Awards
  • Alpha Lambda Delta, scholastic honorary
  • Phi Kappa Phi, scholastic honorary
  • Pi Gamma Mu, social science honorary
  • Pi Lambda Theta, education honorary
Other Accomplishments and Activities
  • Initiated cooperative venture with the National Library of Medicine for the design, development, and implementation of the Health Planning and Administration Database, from which the Hospital and Health Administration Index was extracted and published by the American Hospital Association
  • Developed and introduced the Center for Hospital and Healthcare Administration History at the American Hospital Association in cooperation with the American College of Healthcare Executives
  • Initiated the National Information Center for Health Services Administration, a collaborative initiative with other health care associations
  • Represented the American Hospital Association on the US Council, 1985−1987, Fifth World Congress on Medical Informatics: MEDINFO 86
  • Friends of the National Library of Medicine, Board of Directors, member, 1989−1990
  • Interagency Council on Information Resources for Nursing, American Hospital Association representative, 1975−2001
  • International Hospital Federation, Forum on Documentation and Information Handling, American Hospital Association representative, 1978−2001
  • American Library Association, Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies, Standards Review Committee, member, 1978−1980
  • Special Libraries Association, Biological Sciences Division, secretary/treasurer, 1977–1980
  • National Library of Medicine Bethesda 11 Conference, American Hospital Association representative, 1978
  • Invited to first MEDLINE training session, National Library of Medicine, 1971
  • Provided overall direction for all publications authorized and produced by or about the American Hospital Association Resource Center 1976– 001, including: Hospital and Health Administration Index, 1995−2000 annual volumes; Survey of Health Sciences Libraries in Hospitals—1989: Executive Summary, 1991; Guide to Historical Collections in Hospital and Healthcare Administration, 1990; Index to the Hospital Administration Oral History Collection, l990; Management Advisory: Library and Information Services, 1990; Acronyms and Initialisms in Health Care Administration, 1986; Current Management Resources for Health Care Professionals, 1986; Health Management Briefing: Consumer Satisfaction with Health Care Services, 1986; Health Management Briefing: Hospital-Physician Joint Ventures, 1986; Health Management Briefing: Selective Contracting for Medicaid, 1986; Hospital Administration Terminology, second edition, 1986; Periodical Holdings List of the American Hospital Association Resource Center, 1986; Current Management Resources, 1985; Historical Publications in Health Administration: A Catalog, 1984; Collection Development Policy of the Library of the American Hospital Association, 1983; Hospital Literature Subject Headings Transition Guide to Medical Subject Headings, 1978; Administrator’s Collection, 1977 and 1978 editions; Hospital Literature Subject Headings, 1977; Catalog of the Library of the American Hospital Association, 1976; Hospital Literature Index, 1976−1994 annual volumes; Cumulative Index of Hospital Literature, 1970−1974 and 1975−1977 editions


Publications (5 representative)

  • Foster EC, Warden GL. The health care environment. In: Holst R, ed. The Medical Library Association guide to managing health care libraries. Neal-Schuman Publishers; 2000. p. 11−22.
  • Wakeley PJ, Foster EC. A survey of health sciences libraries in hospitals: implications for the 1990s. Bull Med Lib Assoc. 1993 Apr;81(2):123–8 [cited 22 Sep 2012].
  • Wakeley PJ, Poole C, Foster EC. The marketing audit: a new perspective on library services and products. Bull Med Lib Assoc. 1988 Oct;76(4):323–7 [cited 22 Sep 2012]
  • Foster EC, Poole C, Wakeley PJ. The health sciences library. In: Health care administration: principles and practices. Rockville, MD: Aspen Publishers; 1987. p. 519−527.
  • Wakeley PJ, Foster EC. Information needs of university programs in health administration: report of survey response. J Health Adm Educ. 1985 Summer;3(3):363−7.
  • Foster EC. Standards for hospital libraries. In: Bradley J, Holst R, Messerle J, eds. Hospital library management. Medical Library Association; 1983. p. 13−28.


Professional Positions

  • Director, National Information Center for Health Services Administration, Chicago, IL, 1997−2001
  • Center Director, Center for Hospital and Healthcare Administration History, Chicago, IL, 1987−2001
  • Director, American Hospital Association Resource Center, Chicago, IL, 1984−2001
  • Manager and Director, Library of the American Hospital Association, Asa S. Bacon Memorial, Chicago, IL, 1975−1984
  • Acting Head and Head, Southeastern Regional Medical Library Program (SERMLP), A. W. Calhoun Medical Library, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, 1972−1975
  • Technical Services Librarian and Regional Reference Librarian, Southeastern Regional Medical Library Program (SERMLP), A. W. Calhoun Medical Library, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, 1969−1972
  • Classroom teacher, Alfred I. duPont Special School District, Wilmington, DE, 1965−1968


MLA published statements about the fellow



  • MLn, librarianship, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, 1969 (Beta Phi Mu)
  • BS, education, Pennsylvania State University–University Park, 1965 (with honors)
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