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EFTS User Agreements Now Available

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On Friday January 17, 812 libraries received the MLA Electronic Funds Transfer System (EFTS) user agreement for their review. Here are some fun facts:

  • 300 libraries already completed the signed contract as of Thursday, January 23.
  • Of the 300, 295 are existing EFTS users.
  • Of the existing EFTS users, 95% requested that the $275 activation fee be paid out of their existing EFTS account at University of Connecticut (UConn) Health, and 99% requested that their EFTS funds at UConn Health be transferred to the MLA EFTS when the systems switch over.
  • Of the 300, 97% completed the contract via DocuSign electronic signature.

We thank the many individuals and institutions who are collaborating with MLA on the success of the new EFTS platform:

  • Libraries, who have overwhelmingly embraced MLA’s efforts and are supporting the effort through signing up for the new platform
  • The National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the individuals leading DOCLINE, who are collaborating with MLA on enhancing the integration of EFTS with DOCLINE, to provide a superior and excellent user experience
  • UConn Health for their outstanding support and collaboration with MLA on making the new EFTS successful and the transition as seamless as possible for existing EFTS users

For up-to-date information on MLA’s EFTS and to request a user agreement if you have not already done so, please visit the MLA EFTS page.

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