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Dr. Peter Edelstein got my attention!

Dynamic speaker Dr. Peter Edelstein, CMO of Elsevier Clinical Solutions gave a compelling presentation about the value of the Medical Library in "...Today's Changing Clinical Decision Support World".  Dr. Edelstein discussed the paradigm shifts from reactive, acute inpatient care to proactive, preventative outpatient health maintenance and the shift from fee-for-service or volume-based reimbursement to value-based care linking payment to quality outcomes.  He emphasized that this is now the "dawning of the non-physician provider", where physicians are now practice managers and the new providers are nurses, nurse practitioners and caregivers at home (mom and dad).  Nurses will now be viewed as partners and will need specialized knowledge to perform in these new roles.  Who has the CORE STRENGHTS to supply these professionals with clinical knowledge?  

Patients are fast becoming part of their own healthcare teams.  Studies are showing that engaging patients leads to better clinical outcomes, lower costs, and longer lasting improvements in lifestyle.  Patients are getting their own health information but too many are relying on Google and Wikipedia which do not provide the most accurate information.  Unfortunately, only a small number of patients take an active role because of a lack of personalization; they don't engage because they put their healthcare issues in the back of their minds, have educational limitations, cultural challenges, language barriers, outcome ignorance, intervention ignorance, and search struggles.  

Medical librarians are well positioned to become integrated partners with the rest of the healthcare team.  We have the CORE STRENGTHS to share these resources in today's changing clinical decision support world.

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