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Cummings, Martin M. (MD)*

See also Martin M. Cummings, MD Oral History Summary

MLA Elected Offices and Committee Chair Appointments

  • MLA Board, Member, 1969–1972
Other Accomplishments and Activities
  • Council on Library Resources, Board of Directors, Chair, 1994–1996 
  • Creation of the Lister Hill Center, 1968
  • Committee on Scientific and Technical Information (COSATI) of the Federal Council for Science and Technology, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Representative, 1967
  • National Library of Medicine Associate Program, Member1966
  • Passage of the Medical Library Assistance Act, 1965
  • Implementation of MEDLARS I and II
  • Creation of the Regional Medical Library Network, 1966–1970
  • Committee on Medical Research, National Tuberculosis Association, Chair, 1958–1959
  • Panel on Sarcoidosis National Research Council-National Academy of Sciences, Chair, 1958–1960

Honors and Awards

  • MLA Most Notable, 1998
  • Fellow, 1985
  • (First) Joseph Leiter NLM/MLA Lectureship “The Effect of U.S. Policies on the Economics of Libraries,” 1984
  • Marcia C. Noyes Award, 1973
  • Academy of Health Information Professionals, Distinguished Member
 Other Awards
  • Institute of Medicine, National Academies, Member, 1975
  • American College of Medical Informatics, Member, 1984
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science, Fellow
  • Philadelphia College of Physicians, Fellow
  • Royal Society of Medicine, Fellow
  • New York Academy of Medicine, Fellow
  • DSc, Duke University, 1985
  • DHL, Georgetown University, 1976
  • MD, University of Lvov, 1975
  • DSc, University of Nebraska, 1972
  • DSc, Emory University, 1972
  • MD, Karolinska Inst., 1972
  • DSc, Bucknell University, 1968
  • Distinguished Service Award, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1968
  • Superior Service Award, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1966

Publications (5 representative)

Articles published in the Bulletin of the Medical Library Association or Journal of the Medical Library Association are available via PubMed Central.

  • Haas WJ, Cummings MM, Timmer EB. Influencing change in research librarianship: a festschrift for Warren J. Haas. Council on Library Resources; 1989.
  • Cummings M. The economics of research libraries. Washington, DC: Council on Library Resources; 1986.
  • Cummings MM. The effect of U.S. policies on the economics of libraries. Bull Med Lib Assoc. 1985 Jan;73(1):1–8. [cited 25 May 2012].
  • Cummings MM, Mehnert RB. MEDLARS services of the National Library of Medicine: public resource or market commodity? Ann Intern Med. 1982 Jun;96(6 pt 1):772–4.
  • Karel L, Austin CJ, Cummings MM. Computerized bibliographic services for biomedicine. Science. 1965 May 7;148(3671):766–72.
  • Cummings MM, Dunner E, Williams JH Jr. Epidemiologic and clinical observations in sarcoidosis. Ann Intern Med. 1959 Apr;50(4):879–90.


  • Director Emeritus, National Library of Medicine, 1984–2010
  • Distinguished Professor of Community Medicine, Georgetown University School Medicine, 1986–1990
  • Director, National Library of Medicine, 1964–1984 
  • Associate Director, Research Grants, National Institutes of Health, 1963–1964 
  • Chief, Office International Research, National Institutes of Health, US Public Health Service, 1961–1963 
  • Professor and Chair, Department of Microbiology, Oklahoma University School of Medicine, 1959–1961 
  • Director of Research Services, Veteran’s Administration, Central Office, Washington, DC, 1953–1959 
  • Chief, Tuberculosis Section and Director, Tuberculosis Research Laboratory, US Veterans Administration, Lawson General Hospital, Chamblee, GA, 1949–1953
  • Instructor, Assistant and Associate Professor of Medicine and Bacteriology, Emory University School Medicine, 1948–1953
  • Director, Tuberculosis Evaluation Laboratory, Communicable Disease Center, US Public Health Service, Atlanta, GA, 1947–1949 

MLA published statements about the fellow


  • Resident, Tuberculosis Grasslands Hospital, Valhalla, NY, 1946–1947 
  • Intern and Resident, Boston Marine Hospital, 1944–1946 
  • MD, Duke University, Durham NC, 1944
  • BS, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA., 1941


(Birth 1911; Death 2011)

 Contributed by Betsy Humphreys and Diane McKenzie

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