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Coming Soon! The Next Iteration of the MLA Research Agenda

Have you ever wished that the research reported in journals and at conferences related better to your own practice? Do you wish that there was more such research?

The MLA Research Agenda Committee (RAC) of the Research Caucus seeks to better align research with practice. RAC soon will launch a study to identify the most important research questions facing the health information profession.

On September 6, MLA leaders will be asked the most important research question that faces the profession. Researchers will then select the most important and feasibly answered questions from this pool of questions. The winnowed-down list will next be presented for voting to the same MLA leaders who participated in the first part of the study. The RAC will report their findings in JMLA.

Please contact any of the following RAC members if you have any questions about this study that begins September 6.

Jon Eldredge, PI

Marie Ascher

Heather Holmes

Karen Heskett

Margaret Hoogland

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