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Bylaws: Where We Are Now

Since beginning to formally solicit feedback from members in early February, the bylaws committee has received many astute comments regarding the changes to the MLA bylaws and rules of order. Many of you have used the bylaws forum and email to share your comments, suggestions, and copy edits. We have found your comments and suggestions extremely helpful, and will be addressing many of them during the discussion and vote at the annual meeting.   

Some issues that you have raised in the last several weeks include:

The bylaws and special rules of order will be discussed and voted on at the business meeting in Toronto, Tuesday, May 17, 9-10:25 am. We encourage you to bring up your questions and comments before this meeting to allow for thorough consideration.

We are using the bylaws forum to engage members in pre-annual meeting discussion of issues that are important to you. In addition, we will be hosting an open forum for discussion of the bylaws on Sunday, May 15, 4:30-5:25 pm in Toronto. The work we do ahead of time will contribute to an efficient and smooth discussion and vote at the business meeting.  

Visit the forum often and continue to post your comments and suggestions on these and other issues. We encourage you to participate in the discussion and attend the business meeting. Your voice counts!  

What You Can Do

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