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Brodman, Estelle (PhD)*

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MLA Elected Offices and Committee Chair Appointments

  • President, 1964-65
  • Committee on Continuing Education, chair, 1963
  • Editor, Bulletin of the Medical Library Association, 1949-1957

Honors and Awards

  • Estelle Brodman Award for the Academic Medical Librarian of the Year, 1986
  • Thomson Reuters/Frank Bradway Rogers Information Advancement Award, 1985
  • Fellow, 1981
  • Murray Gottlieb Prize, 1977
  • Marcia C. Noyes Award, 1971
  • Janet Doe Lecture, 1971
  • D.Sc. (h.c.), University of Illinois, 1974
  • Member, Biomedical Communications Study Section, National Institutes of Health, 1971-75, Chair, 1973-75
  • Member, President's National Advisory Commission on Libraries, 1966-68
  • Expert Consultant for Documentation, Central Family Planning Council, New Delhi, India (under U.N. Technical Assistance Board), 1967-68
  • Member, Library Guidelines Committee, American Association of Medical Colleges, 1963-64
  • Visiting Professor (Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship), Keio University, 1962
  • Special Libraries Association, Director, 1949-52

Publications (5 representative)

Articles published in the Bulletin of the Medical Library Association or Journal of the Medical Library Association are available via PubMed Central  

  • Brodman E, Carrick EB. American military medicine in the mid-nineteenth century: the experience of Alexander H. Hoff, M.D. Bull Hist Med. 1990 Spring;64(1):63-78
  • Brodman E. Automation in medical libraries. In: Annan GL, Felter JW, eds. Handbook of medical library practice. 3rd ed. Chicago: Medical Library Association, 1970. p. 198-221.
  • Pizer IH, Franz DR, Brodman E. Mechanization of library procedures in the medium-sized medical library. I. The serial record. Bull Med Libr Assoc 1963 Jul;51(3):313-38.
  • Brodman E. Japanese medical libraries. Bull Med Libr Assoc. 1963 Jan;51(1):16-25.
  • Brodman E. Development of medical bibliography. Medical Library Association: Baltimore, 1954.


  • Director, Washington University School of Medicine Library, St. Louis, MO, 1961-1980
  • Assistant Librarian for Reference Services, National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MD, 1949 -1961
  • Columbia University Medical Library, New York, NY, 1937-1949
  • Cornell University Nursing School Library, New York, NY, 1937

MLA published statements about the fellow


(Birth 1914; Death 2007)

Contributed by Wayne Peay
Edited, September 13, 2008

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