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An important notice about your 2023 MLA membership dues

If you are an individual MLA member, when you  receive your MLA membership dues invoice next month, you will notice an increase. The Board of Directors and I deliberated over this change; below is some of the context we used in our discussion.

MLA has been surviving the pandemic, largely thanks to smart investment decisions and our ability to pivot on our annual meeting choices and continuing education offerings. Despite this, we are faced with a budget shortfall and must make responsible decisions to ensure our financial sustainability. 

In addition, we have made several organizational changes that have improved value for you but have negatively impacted traditional sources of non-dues revenue for MLA. Beginning in 2019, MLA ceased collecting separate dues for (former section) caucuses. However, staff support for all caucus activities (i.e., elections, Zoom hosting, website and list maintenance/training & updates, community council) has increased under the new community model.

As a leader of MLA, I am delighted that we have made these and other changes that advance the profession of medical librarianship, make it more equitable and provide more value to you as a member. We’ve also introduced many new services and resources to support you and your career journey. Our awards, grants and scholarships have increased, giving you even more opportunities to distinguish yourself professionally. We have increased the number of education offerings available and have provided affordable options. Just to name a few.

This is the first time in five years membership dues are increasing (the last increase was 2018). At the new dues rate of $245, the increase represents a 1.8% increase (on average) for each of the five years. Per MLA Bylaws, once the new 2023 dues rate goes into effect, the dues rate will be “locked in” for the next three years. See the chart here for how the dues increase impacts the other Individual Membership dues categories.

I am proud of MLA and proud to serve as a leader. I hope you will continue to support the work of MLA and our profession as a member- and that you continue to experience the value of membership.


Shannon Jones, AHIP
President, MLA

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