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Adventure to Atlanta Part 1: Ready to Go

I am a young fresh-faced health sciences librarian at Rutgers University. I entered the world of Health and Medical Librarianship only 4 months ago, after stitching together a few part-time positions to make ends meet. The MLA '18 Meeting was a chance to explore the field, to see where things are going and where they came from. Part of my new position is being a liaison to the school of health professions and fortunately, there was a CE course available on just that topic. Other ways I planned on learning was talking to the different poster presenters and going to as many talks and presentations as possible.

My colleagues at Rutgers told me about how friendly everyone is and how there is so much to learn at MLA. One of my favorite things is meeting new people. It is one of the reasons I became a librarian. I was excited and nervous to fly to Atlanta and meet a bunch of professionals who I don't know. Thankfully, a few others from Rutgers were also attending the conference, but it still seemed daunting.

In order to dive right in when I arrived, I signed up for the mentorship program, and as a fan of the Phillies and baseball, I signed up for the Braves game. I attended for only a few days so let's see how this goes for a newcomer. To be continued...

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