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Official Meeting Blogger: A Post-Immersion Session Reflection

I had the opportunity to facilitate an immersion session at MLA’19 titled Closing the Circle with Reflection: Elevating Professional Practice. Attendees were introduced to a few models of reflective practice and given the chance to conduct reflective writing and conversations. Here is an SII (Strengths, Insight, Improvement) on the session.


-attendees received a booklet of resources
-attendees were evenly paired for the reflective conversation
-flow of the session was great


-a small number of attendees works well
-unwind the microphone!
-prepare for panelists who cannot make it
-practice ahead of time


-encourage attendees to move closer to the front of the stage if necessary
-confirm with the panelist the day before the conference
-leave more time for questions

I would like to thank Jolene Miller and Stephanie Friree for their leadership on this session. And a big thank you to our two panelists Elena Azadbakht and Lin Wu for sharing their own experience with reflection.

If you’d like to elevate your profession through reflection, check our reflection resources.

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If you missed MLA ’19, you can still register for an e-Conference to catch up.

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Measuring success

May 15, 2019 02:06 PM by Jolene M. Miller, AHIP

I have to admit, that I thought we'd have more attendees at our immersion session, but given the number of competing sessions, we had a great turnout. Attendees engaged in both reflective writing and reflective conversation, and I was pleased that so many people signed up to receive follow-up emails in one month and three months.

My reflection:

  • 85 minutes seemed like enough time to do what we had planned, but I think 120 would have been better, as we could have had a whole group conversation about attendees experiences.
  • The app was an okay way for attendees to submit questions, but not everyone had a device out to submit questions.
  • It was fun working with Anna and Stephanie...we will be meeting soon to see what's next!
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