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Lucretia W. McClure Excellence in Education Award

The Lucretia W. McClure Excellence in Education Award was established in 1998.  The award is named after one of MLA's most respected members and honors outstanding practicing librarians or library educators in the field of health sciences librarianship and informatics who demonstrate skills in one or more of the following areas: teaching, curriculum development, mentoring, research, or leadership in education at local, regional, or national levels.  The recipient receives a certificate at the annual meeting and a cash award of $500 after the annual meeting.


  • Nominee must be a member of MLA.
  • Nominees must be currently employed as a health sciences librarian or educator at the time of the award and must have worked in such a position for at least five (5) years immediately preceding the award.
  • The nomination may be made for contributions to education as demonstrated by excellence and achievement in service, curriculum development, leadership, publications, presentations, teaching, research, mentoring, special projects, or any combination of these areas.


  • Nominations and any supporting documentation must be received no later than November 1; self-nominations are encouraged and accepted.
  • Nomination must be in writing and contain at least the following elements:
    • A precise description of the nominee’s achievements;
    • A current curriculum vitae or resume; and
    • Any further information which may assist the jury in the evaluation of the nomination and the selection of the recipient.
  • May submit up to three letters in support of the nomination.  These letters should accompany the nomination.

The recipient will be notified in March before the annual meeting at which the presentation will be made.  The recipient assumes all costs of attending the meeting and the ceremony at which the presentation is made.  If there are no appropriate candidates, the association may elect not to make the award in a given year.

Ready to Submit a Nomination?  Proceed to the nomination form.  

Past Award Recipients

  • 2015: None Awarded
  • 2014: Michele R. Tennant, PhD, AHIP
  • 2013: Jonathan Eldredge, PhD, AHIP
  • 2012: Janet G. Schnall, AHIP
  • 2011: Gale G. Hannigan
  • 2010: Lauren Maggio
  • 2009: K. Ann McKibbon
  • 2008: Sarah K. McCord
  • 2007: Renata Geer
  • 2006: Connie Schardt
  • 2005: Jo Dorsch
  • 2004: Janis Glover and Kathyrn Nesbit (posthumously)
  • 2003: None Awarded
  • 2002: Ellen Gay Detlefsen, D.L.S.
  • 2001: Julie J. McGowan, Ph.D.
  • 2000: Ana Cleveland, Ph.D.
  • 1999: Lucretia W. McClure

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