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Medical Informatics Section/MLA Career Development Grant

In 1997, the Medical Informatics Section of the Medical Library Association established the Medical Informatics Section/MLA Career Development Grant. The section awards one individual up to $1,500 to support a career development activity that will contribute to the advancement of the field of medical informatics.


  • The applicant must have an M.L.S. or equivalent degree.
  • The applicant must have the potential to make significant contributions to medical informatics.
  • The applicant may be either a recent graduate or a librarian with significant experience in health sciences libraries.
  • The applicant must be a member of MLA.
  • It is preferred that the applicant be a member of the Medical Informatics Section of MLA.


  • A completed application form must be received at MLA headquarters by December 1.
  • The applicant must submit a detailed specific description of the career development activity for which support is requested.
  • The applicant must submit a statement of interest/previous activity in the area of medical informatics.
  • The applicant must submit a current curriculum vitae.
  • The applicant must submit detailed itemization of financial support requested.  Depending on the qualifications/requests of the candidates, the jury may recommend that the grants not be awarded in a given year.
  • The period of disbursement will not exceed one year past the date of the MLA annual meeting.
  • MLA will acknowledge applications upon receipt via email.

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Grant Recipients

  • 2015: Jennifer Dinalo
  • 2014: Marci Brandenburg
  • 2013: Joanne M. Muellenbach, AHIP
  • 2012: none awarded
  • 2011: Melissa Resnick
  • 2010: none awarded
  • 2009: Kristine M. Alpi
  • 2008: Karen Albert and Maureen Knapp
  • 2007: none awarded
  • 2006: Ellen Justice
  • 2005: Ruling Guo and Christine Marton
  • 2004: Margaret Gorman and Sara Anne Hook
  • 2003: Marcy Brown and Mark Vrabel
  • 2002: Mary Linn Bergstrom and Marilyn Teolis
  • 2001: Susan London
  • 2000: Kathleen F. Bauer and Kathryn E. Kerdolff
  • 1999: Ruth Riley and Gang "Wendy" Wu
  • 1998: none awarded
  • 1997: Linda Hogan and Julie Johnson McGowan, Ph.D.

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