Finish with Pie: Atlanta Nightlife Highlights

While at MLA’18 I was so glad to have the opportunity to experience a slice of what Atlanta has to offer. Read my three nightlife highlights here:

Brews – local and regional beers
I started out with the SweetWater Extra Pale Ale 420 [referring to the Interstate]. SweetWater Brewing Company is located right in Atlanta on Ottley Drive. The 420 was good – light but not too light, slightly bitter. I also tried SweetWater’s tropical lover. This light beer has a melody of fruity flavors, but turned out to be a bit tart for my taste.

Next up, I tasted SouthBound Brewing Company’s mountain jam, a dry-hopped lager. SouthBound is located in Savannah. This ended up being my favorite beer. It was light bodied with a strong hint of lemonade. I’m looking into how I can get my hands on a few more up North in Rochester.


Polaris – Atlanta’s rotating restaurant
Polaris is a rotary restaurant and lounge that can be found perched and spinning at the apogee of the Hyatt Regency. The lights of the city were spectacular at night and the slow adjustments of the restaurant floor allowed for an excellent vantage point, as well as a bit of a space-age retro feel.

The interior style was absolutely gorgeous – mod 60s design retro leather couches pirouetted before my eyes, flanked by pivoting marble side stands, completed by whirling wooden coffee tables with their knick-knacks placed just so. If I haven’t made it clear – IT ROTATES, and us, mere mortals, can experience it!!!!


Pecan Slab Pie – finish with pie
One of the best decisions I made during my trip was to order a slice of pecan slab pie from South City Kitchen to go. After a packed day at the conference and then out and about, a cool piece of pie alone in my room was a great way to settle down. The pecans were deliciously soft and sweet, and the crust crumbled perfectly to mix it all up in a flaky, buttery, sweet mess.