Doing Our Jobs in the Time of COVID-19: Facilities and Personnel Management While Your Library Is Closed, Open, Reopening, or Somewhere In-Between

Sponsored by Elsevier’s ClinicalKey®

In this time of COVID-19, clinical and academic health libraries face facilities and personnel management challenges. A panel of five librarian leaders from clinical and academic libraries, small and large, will share their experiences, lessons learned, and plans related to library facilities and personnel management in these extraordinary times.

Martha Earl, AHIP, Preston Medical Library, University of Tennessee–Knoxville; Julia Esparza, AHIP, Medical Center Library, Louisiana State University Health–Shreveport; Olivia A. Glotfelty-Scheuering, Library Services, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), Pittsburgh, PA; Michelle Kraft, AHIP, Alumni Library, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH; and Lisa A. Marks, AHIP, Clinic Library, Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, AZ; are thrilled to offer this special one-hour session of Coping and Caring in the Time of COVID-19, sponsored by Elsevier’s ClinicalKey®.

A question and answer session will follow presentations from the panelists. Please send questions in advance to Julia Esparza. You will also be able to ask questions and share experiences via an MLA Slack channel, during and after the gathering.

Date: Tuesday, July 14

Time: 11:00 a.m., pacific time; noon, mountain time; 1:00 p.m., central time; 2:00 p.m., eastern time

Audience: Anyone in a leadership position or operational role in a health sciences or hospital library.

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On Tuesday, July 14, at the scheduled time: Open Slack to join the conversation.

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For questions and support, please contact Debra Cavanaugh.

We look forward to conversing with you on July 14!

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