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What are the Annual Meeting online proceedings and related content?

The online scheduler gives you online access to view and hear most session from MLA Annual Meeting and Exhibition. Specifically you will online access to:

When can I see this year's online meeting proceedings and related content?

You can view content at e-Conference Online Proceedings (login requires email address and badge number)

When the annual meeting begins, Plenary session videos are posted online within 24 hours after the session. For instance, on Monday morning you can view Sunday's keynote McGovern Lecture. Program sessions slides synchronized with audio are posted within 4 business days after the session. For instance, by Thursday you can view Sunday's section programs, consisting of slides synchronized with audio.

Is meeting registration required?

Yes. You must purchase a registration such as: Inclusive (package A), Conference-Only (package, B), One-Day (package C), or e-Conference (package D). access. If you plan to attend the meeting in person, purchase Packages A, B, or C. If you can't attend in person, purchase Package D, which is e-Conference.

When you register, you will receive an email confirmation with your badge number. Your badge number is your password to access the online scheduler along with your email address that you used to register (and where you received the confirmation email.)

What do I need to access the Online Meeting Proceedings and related content?

To log in to secure site for the online scheduler and related content you will need your six-digit badge number (it's on your confirmation email and your badge) and the email address that you used when you registered for the meeting.

I can't attend the meeting, but I sill want online access, should I purchase Package D, e-Conference?

Yes, Package D, e-Conference registration provides online access to meeting proceedings and related content. This is the ideal package when you are unable to travel to the MLA annual meeting. You will be able to view meeting content, including educational and breakout sessions, and participate in discussions on the meeting blog.

Can I share my e-conference registration access?

No, registration allows access for only one person. Do not give your password to anyone else, not even fellow staff members. If you want your entire institution to have access, obtain a site license registration.

How can site licenses be used?

An organization can use its site license to share video and audio presentations with staff and colleagues at team lunches and training sessions.

How long after the meeting can I continue to see the online meeting proceeding and related content?

Online access is for 12 months after the end of the meeting. After 12 months, online access is available to all current MLA members as a membership benefit in the Member Center.

How do I see meetings that are over 12 months old?

If you are an MLA member, log in to "My Account" and select the annual meeting year you want to view. You can view meetings starting with 2011. If you are not an MLA member, you will need to join MLA.

What is the benefit of synchronizing the presentation slides with the audio?

When the slides and audio are synchronized, their educational value increases because most people are visual learners. You can view slides in sequence or jump around with ease. No matter how much you jump, the slides and audio will always be perfectly synchronized. Audio proceedings allow you to listen to audio from the annual meeting at any time on devices like computers, mp3 players (iPods, Zunes), and smart phones (iPhones, BlackBerry smart phones). The presentation slides automatically advance as the audio plays so you can quickly jump to information through slide thumbnails and integrated keyword search for each presentation.

What devices can I use?

You can use a computer with an Internet connection, or take the slides and audio anywhere with a smart phone or iPod. You can watch and listen to the conference anywhere which is great for business trips or when you are not near a computer. Devices like iPods, iPhones, and BlackBerries can store the slides and audio. The approximately 100 hours of conference proceedings may require about 8 gigabytes of data storage.

If I have more questions who do I contact?

Contact Susan Chesniak, 312.419.9094 x18 or Ray Naegele, 312.419.9094 x17.

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