CE601 Infographics: A Guided Tour to Visually Presenting Data

Date / Time: 
8:00 am to 10:00 am
Comiskey, Bronze Level, West Tower
CE Credits: 

Cost: $120 (nonmember, $260)
Information is powerful but without organization, it is bland and often overwhelming. Infographics have become a popular way to present data by distilling the words, data points, and key concepts into illustrations. This interactive course will discuss and explore how to:

  • critically evaluate an infographic using three anatomical elements: visual choices, content, and data
  • use free and low-cost tools to create your own infographics
  • let the data drive your graphic choices
  • follow five steps to create powerful visuals

Instructor: Jan Buhmann, Manager, Learning Technologies, PeaceHealth, Eugene, OR

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