Aaron E. Carroll, MD

John P. McGovern Award Lecturer

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Aaron E. Carroll, MD, has published some of the seminal work on physician views on various types of health care reform and has been called on to appear on national television and radio programs, including the Colbert Report, to talk about the Affordable Care Act. Carroll is an associate professor of pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine. He is also the director of the Center for Health Policy and Professionalism Research.

Carroll’s research focuses on the study of information technology to improve pediatric care and areas of health policy including physician malpractice, the pharmaceutical industry–physician relationship, and health care reform. He has published on the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and health professionals, and how educational interventions can affect their interaction and behavior.

Carroll was one of the first to study the use of mobile devices in actual care. He is one of the leading pediatric informaticists in the United States. Carroll is also the cofounder of Medical Data Solutions, one of the first software companies to create programs for health professionals for mobile devices, and the coauthor of Don’t Swallow Your Gum: Myths, Half-Truths, and Outright Lies about Your Body and Health and Don’t Cross Your Eyes…They’ll Get Stuck that Way!

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