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Job Requirements for AHIP Eligibility

MLA has found that because of the economic recession, some medical librarians are no longer full-time medical librarians, have left the field, or have become a different type of librarian. We know that those who want to move into, remain in, and come back to the health sciences librarian field want AHIP membership. To help members succeed with AHIP, the MLA Board of Directors has approved the following changes to the job requirements for AHIP starting May 1, 2012.

The changes to the program requirements allow for librarians who are not currently practicing in the health sciences librarianship field to join AHIP and renew AHIP membership by following these guidelines.

  • New applicants without five years of experience in an information professional position will still apply for AHIP membership at the provisional level. Please note: Upon renewal one year later, the provisional member is required to show evidence of employment in the field via an employer letter.
  • Applicants who already have AHIP membership, but lose their position in the health sciences, will be able to renew at their current level of membership or apply for a higher level as long as they meet AHIP requirements.
  • New applicants who have five years of professional experience who have recently lost their jobs or had their hours reduced are still eligible to join AHIP at any level as long as they meet AHIP requirements.
  • Other special employment circumstances will be reviewed by the Credentialing Committee on an individual basis.

AHIP requirements that must be met by all applicants:

  • Must meet the current AHIP requirements for sponsored instruction and individual professional accomplishments,
  • Must meet the current AHIP educational requirements,
  • Must have all current requirements for their AHIP level (i.e., fifty points for Member, eighty points for Senior with at least five points from professional organization activities, and 120 points for Distinguished with at least ten points from professional organization activities), and
  • Points will still need to be health sciences library or health information-related, not just library activities or courses, with the rationale that applicants will be improving their health sciences medical librarianship knowledgebase and skills in the profession.