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Become or Find a Chapter Credentialing Liaison

Chapter credentialing liaisons (CCLs) promote the Academy of Health Information Professionals in their respective chapters by sharing information about the academy and encouraging membership. 


  • Be an enthusiastic academy member.
  • Demonstrate good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrate organizational skills, such as paying attention to detail and consistently following up with questions and requests for information.
  • Preferred: willingness to attend MLA annual meetings to learn about updates to the academy.


  • Encourage chapter members to pursue academy membership.
  • Answer questions about the academy.
  • Read MLA and Credentialing Committee (CC) communications about the academy.
  • Subscribe to the Credentialing Committee mailing list (mla-credexec) and participate in discussions.
  • Foward issues raised by chapter members to Credentialing Committee.


The academy recognizes the work done by CCL by awarding them 10 points per year of service, which count toward the five-point MLA activities requirement at the distinguished level.

CCL Activity Suggestions

  • Contact new chapter members to discuss the academy.
  • Refer difficult academy questions to MLA HQ for triage.
  • Assist members to locate forms and instructions for applying to academy.
  • Agree to be listed as local contact on chapter's website.
  • Agree to be listed as local contact in chapter newsletter.
  • Assist CC in testing and refining new web pages.
  • Exhibit at chapter meetings.
  • Hold an academy clinic at chapter meetings.
  • Call current academy members who are about to renew and offer assistance.
  • Write articles for chapter newsletter.
  • Present academy information at local library schools.
  • Speak about the academy in chapter forums.


MLA Chapter Credentialing Liaisons

Hawaii-Pacific Chapter/Term (6/13-5/16) Luree H. Ohigashi Oasay, AHIP
Medical Library Group of So. California and Arizona/ Term (10/12-9/15) Kathy Zeblisky, AHIP
Mid-Atlantic Chapter/Term (9/13-€“9/14) Cynthia Henderson, AHIP
Midcontinental Chapter/Term (10/12-€“9/15) Jan Rice, AHIP
Midwest Chapter/Term (09/13-€“9/14) Jolene Miller, AHIP
New York-New Jersey Chapter/Term (7/12-9/15) Barbara S. Reich, AHIP
North Atlantic Health Sciences Library Chapter/Term (6/14-9/15) Meredith I. Solomon, AHIP
Northern California and Nevada Medical Library Group/Term (9/13-8/14) Ana Macias, AHIP
Pacific Northwest Chapter/Term (10/14-10/15) Joan Wilson, AHIP
Philadelphia Regional Chapter/Term (6/13-€“7/15) Robert Mackes, AHIP
South Central Chapter/Term (10/12-€“10/13) Lauren Wojcik
Southern Chapter/Term (10/12-€“10/15) Cynthia Vaughn, AHIP
Upstate New York and Ontario Chapter/Term (6/14-€“5/17) Elizabeth Irish, AHIP