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Frequently Asked Questions about AHIP Points and Documentation

As you move further along in the AHIP appliction process or even if you are preparing to renew your membership, you may have several questions about documentation needed or which activities garner AHIP points. Below are some questions and answers that may help. If your question is still unanswered, please never hesitate to contact the AHIP member services department

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Whom should I ask to verify my employment?

Employment can be verified by the director of the library where you work, the administrator to whom you report, or your personnel department. It can also be verified with a copy of your contract letter.

What documentation is needed for professional competencies?

Official transcripts are required for formal course work. In addition, if one cannot reasonably assume from the title of the course that the professional competencies would have been covered, a syllabus or detailed course outline showing the specific subject matter covered is required. Certificates of completion are required for continuing education courses.

If I have a nursing degree, which professional competencies may I claim?

Applicants who have a degree in nursing may claim competency in one area by virtue of holding a nursing degree (Health Sciences Environment).

I serve on a subcommittee of a national MLA committee. What points am I entitled to?

The same number of points as members of the national committee.

I am a Chapter Council representative, which also makes me an officer in my local chapter. What points can I earn?

Points for an activity can only be counted once. So you can receive points either as a Chapter Council representative or as a chapter officer. As another example: if an individual serves as an ex officio member of a committee by virtue of holding an office or being on another committee, he/she can count only the office or committee, not the committee on which he/she is ex officio.

What are "official MLA activities" (those activities which meet the 5-point requirement) for distinguished member?

To meet the 5-point requirement for distinguished member, service to the association is required. Holding office or serving on committees at the national, chapter, or section level will meet this requirement. Publishing an article in the Journal of the Medical Library Association or the MLA News, taking an MLA continuing education course, or attending MLA meetings (national or regional) do not count as official MLA activities. (These activities may still qualify for academy points, but under other categories).

How can I be sure that a course has been approved for MLA contact hours?

The MLA course certificate should state "Approved for [number] MLA CE Contact Hours." Courses for which approval is pending should state that MLA contact hours have been applied for. When in doubt, ask the person sponsoring the course. If approval has not been applied for, you can still receive individual points by submitting an Individual Participant Form (form IPR). Please refer to the Educational Clearinghouse for a list of current approved courses.

I have been appointed to an MLA committee. Why can't I count it now, after two months?

The academy honors work after completion. Committee appointments count after completion of a full year of service.

I have more activities than I need for the level for which I am applying. Do I need to list them all?

No. Select the ones that are easiest to document and send those. For example, if you are renewing at the same level, you only need 50 points. You might want to list additional points (for a total of 60 to 70 points), in case questions arise.

As president of my state association, I am expected to write an article for the association newsletter. Can I get points for the newsletter articles?

No. Remember, any activity which is part of your regular job assignment or committee assignment may not be claimed for separate academy points. However, holding an office in your state association will earn points in the academy.

Can grants be counted toward individual accomplishments for the academy?

Yes. The Credentialing Committee has amended the point structure to include grants in the individual accomplishments section. Personnel involved in a grant that has been approved and funded since July 1, 1989, are awarded points as follows: Principal/project investigator or co-principal/project investigators = 10 points; key personnel listed on a funded grant = 5 points; proposal reviewer for granting agency/organization = 5 points.

Do cochairs of committees or organizations receive the same points as chairs?


What forms do I need to apply for each level?

A description of all forms needed for the initial AHIP application are located on the forms and application process pages.

Forms for renewal are located on the forms page and the renewal process page.

What documentation is needed for a journal article?

For a refereed journal, attach a copy of the first page of the journal, a copy of the page where the author's name appears, and a copy of the page indicating that the journal is refereed. (The page indicating that the journal is refereed is not required for library science journals.) For a non-refereed journal, attach a copy of the first page and of the page where the author's name is listed.

What documentation is needed to apply at the emeritus level?

Send a written request to the AHIP member services department and complete the form EMERITUS.

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