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Public Policy

MLA supports unrestricted, affordable, and permanent access to quality health information for everyone. 

The Governmental Relations Committee and the Joint MLA/AAHSL Legislative Task Force both address federal information issues, policies, and legislation of importance to the health sciences library community.

Latest News


Funding for NLM and NIH

The latest news on federal funding for health sciences library programs and services, which helps ensure that information is available to health professionals, educators, students, and the public. 

Intellectual Property and Copyright

Health sciences librarians support the purpose of the copyright law in balancing the rights of copyright holders with the rights of users.  Find out more about MLA's activities in this area. 

Information Access

Find out why public access to federally supported research and development data and publications is essential to furthering scientific discovery, health care delivery, patient education, and more.

Learn about the differences between open access and public access.


Healthcare Reform

Find out how the Affordable Care Act may affect health sciences libraries