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Connect...learn...lead...and make MLA your professional home!

  • find the visibility, peer connections, and advanced skills necessary for your career;
  • equip yourself (or your staff) with the latest tools and education in health information management, research, and practice; and
  • connect with your peer community easily, network efficiently, and learn effectively.

Find the membership category that's right for you, review your benefits, and join today!


Catch a glimpse of some of MLA's benefits:

  • Access hundreds of hours of meeting content—free! Registrants to each MLA annual meeting get immediate access to e-conference content and all members receive meeting content free after one year. Online now: 2011-2013 video, audio, paper and poster sessions.
  • Track your professional accomplishments all in one place by storing your CV, continuing education certificates, presentations, and committee appointments in your online member portfolio.
  • Build knowledge throughout your career with MLA annual meeting and virtual education. Individuals save $26 on MLA's on-demand webinars, $90 on live webcast courses, and $140 to $240 on annual meeting CE.


As soon as you join:

  • Check your email for our welcome message—and make sure you are getting email from us.
  • Log in! Open your account and update your profile with a picture, your email preferences, links to your social media sites, and your expertise areas. (And if you need a little help, you can search for an expert, too.)
  • Catch up on the last few issues of the MLA News and MLA-FOCUS. You'll start receiving your MLA News table of contents alerts and MLA-FOCUS e-newsletter in your in-box shortly.
  • Register for a free or low-cost on-demand webinar and start updating your skills immediately.