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Dixie Jones, AHIP

MLA provides us with a professional home where we can be nurtured as we grow. It is a multigenerational home that melds the wisdom of elders and the fresh ideas of younger members. In keeping with changing times, this home is regularly remodeled and updated, eclectic in its design and increasingly diverse in its inhabitants. Enduring values are passed from one generation to the next. As we build our future on the firm foundation of this home, we welcome new members and those serving in non-traditional roles. We innovatively employ the latest technologies to make this a “smart home” capable of reaching out to others around the globe while finding novel ways to efficiently meet domestic needs. MLA aims to be responsive to the needs of its members. The association asks members to volunteer for the chores that keep this fabulous home running and to provide input on ways it can be improved. Given the evolving nature of health information management, it is an exciting time to be a member of a household that expertly provides quality information resulting in improved health for those around us. Welcome home!