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Report from the InSight Initiative Summit: Leveraging Specialized Discovery Tools to Maximize User Engagement

Report from the InSight Initiative Summit: Leveraging Specialized Discovery Tools to Maximize User Engagement
Mon June 18, 2018
Much of the time at InSight Initiative Summit 1, held in March, was devoted to small-group discussions of issues that both librarians and vendors regarded as challenging. This is the third of four articles that synthesize key points from the discussions.

An interview with Terrie Wheeler, AMLS and Peter Oxley, PhD, on their poster presentation, “Provision of a library bioinformatics service to support medical research”. Special thanks to Terrie and Peter for participating in this interview.
An update on the African American Medical Librarian’s Alliance (AAMLA) SIG activities during MLA’18.
How to bring the human into a world dominated by virtual content.
Attendees at the MLA'18 Data SIG meeting shared a variety of training opportunities and resources.
Share your programs and research findings with your colleagues at “Shake, Rattle, and Roll,” the 2018 Midwest Chapter/MLA Annual Meeting on October 5–8, in Cleveland, OH!
The South Central Chapter of MLA (SCC/MLA) invites proposals for its upcoming annual meeting, to be held October 19–24, 2018, in San Antonio, TX. The SCC/MLA Program Committee welcomes submissions for contributed papers, posters, lightning talks, and roundtables. The submission deadline is July 10
Who? What? Where? - My key observations from MLA '18
Didn't make MLA '18's closing session? Learn more about Dr. David Satcher and his amazing work!
Missed Dr. Dara Richardson-Heron's update about the All of Us program? Here's a recap.
President Barbara Epstein's welcome and update for MLA '18 attendees.
With excellent diversity-themed content, diverse speakers, and the passing of the gavel to incoming President Beverly Murphy, MLA’s first African American president, the push to make MLA more inclusive of diverse voices and perspectives is becoming more visible.
Ever wish someone would recommend a tool that could solve all your problems? In this MLA session, explore 18 tools that could do just that.
Ever wish someone would recommend a tool that could solve all your problems? The MLA session, My Favorite Tool, could do just that.
The NIH Strategic Plan for Data Science incorporates MLA’s comments to engage librarians and information specialists in partnership roles that support training and infrastructure needs for data science

What does the future hold for a Section's new Chair-Elect?
The start of a newcomer's adventure to the MLA Meeting in Atlanta.
An overview of health disparities and the MLA Health Disparities SIG.
Tips and takeaways as a first-time MLA attendee, beyond wearing comfortable shoes.
Betsy L. Humphreys' 2017 oral history has been published
Register now for MLA's recorded webinar, Plan to Succeed: The Basics of Library Project Management. Join Gary Wasdin as he identifies successful strategies and common pitfalls in library project management.
Register now for MLA's webinar, Aligning the Three Pillars of Effective Instruction: Outcomes, Teaching, and Assessment for Health Sciences Librarians to be held July 12, 2018. Join Jill Boruff, AHIP to more effectively focus and assess your teaching.
My three MLA'18 goals are to learn new pearls of wisdom, make new friends, and see old friends.
Strolling through poster sessions is fun (and educational).
Dr. Patricia Flatley Brennan delivered an interesting and informative update on the NLM strategic plan for the next decade.
Was your conference bursting with papers and freebies from MLA'18? This process for tidying up could help you organize your swag and clear your mind.
The Scholarly Kitchen post by Shalu Gillum (University of Central Florida College of Medicine) and Steven Heffner (Wolters Kluwer) on the MLA InSight Initiative, an open circle partnership between librarians and industry partners to advance thinking on health information.
Read a bite of my experiences in downtown Atlanta. I describe a few local brews I tried, the great pivoting Polaris, and I end up with a piece of pie.
Section business meetings in Atlanta- not all business as usual.
An older member's thoughts about the proposed new MLA reorg.
Confused about SIGs? Find out more!
Grand Hall (the Hall of Exhibits) at MLA '18 is now closed.
Recap of the Open Session on Diversity/Inclusion at MLA'18
Tips for getting the most out of lightning talk attendance at any conference.
Missed some of the early social events here in Atlanta? Don't worry, we've got a recap for you, hopefully inspiring MLA'18 attendees to check out the city before the end of the conference!
Exhibit halls can be chaotic and overwhelming if you're not sure what to do, especially for first timers/new members. Here are some tips on how to get the most back from your time in the exhibit hall
Donald Church Balfour, MD
Make sure you are prepared for the Health Information for Public Librarians Symposium on May 22-23.
Left work but can't get systematic reviews off your mind at #MLAnet18? Check out this year's sessions on systematic reviews and literature search services.
The posters at MLA'18 are a fun and interesting way to learn about exciting research and projects.
Welcome all Library School students! Here are a few things you should add to your conference schedule to make the most of your experience at MLA’18, from a fellow MLIS student.

Interview with the authors on "Provision of a library bioinformatics service..."

African American Medical Librarians Alliance (AAMLA) SIG: Activities at MLA’18

Adventure to Atlanta Part 3: The Return of Humanism

Data Training and Resources from the Data SIG Meeting

Exploring Atlanta

Teaching Topics to Try from MLA’18

Applications for Insight Initiative Summit 2 Sought

Poster Sessions AKA We’ve Been Busy!

Chapter News: 2018 Midwest Chapter/MLA Annual Meeting in Cleveland Call for Submissions

Chapter News: South Central Chapter of MLA Call for Proposals

Adventure to Atlanta Part 2: Then Suddenly Librarians!

MLA '18 Plenary 5 Recap: Dr. David Satcher

MLA '18 Plenary 4 Recap: Dr. Dara Richardson-Heron

MLA '18 Plenary 1 Recap: Opening Presidential Address

Diversity and Inclusion: A Major Theme at MLA’18

My Favorite Tools, Part 2

My Favorite Tools, Part 1

NIH Data Science Strategic Plan Incorporates MLA Recommendations

Time to Serve: A Section Chair-Elect Looks Forward

Adventure to Atlanta Part 1: Ready to Go

Health Disparities: Learn More, Get Involved, Take Action

MLA '18 as a First-Timer

Humphreys, Betsy L.

Plan to Succeed: The Basics of Library Project Management

Aligning the Three Pillars of Effective Instruction: Outcomes, Teaching, and Assessment for Health Sciences Librarians

MLA'18 Rocked for Me

Poster Sessions Continue to Draw a Crowd

What’s New with the National Library of Medicine?

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: Conference Edition

The Scholarly Kitchen: MLA InSight - A Constructive Forum Emerges

Finish with Pie: Atlanta Nightlife Highlights

Sections Continue Business as Usual in Atlanta

One's thoughts about the reorganization

The SIGnificance (and Future) of SIGs

Hall of Exhibits: Closed Until Next Year

Open Session: Diversity and Inclusion at MLA’18

Lightning Talks Tips - Be a Superfan

Fastballs, Fizz, and Fish: Social Events at MLA'18

Exhibit Hall and Vendors: A First Timers Guide

Balfour, Donald Church (MD)*

Get Ready for the Public Librarians Symposium

What's New with Systematic Reviews?

Check Out the Posters at MLA’18

Students - Add These Events to Your Schedule at MLA’18

The Public Librarian and the Consumer Health Question

Lucky 13 Things You Cannot Forget to Pack

Welcoming All Pronouns at MLA’18

Preparing your MLA’18 Schedule

Report from the InSight Initiative Summit: What Can Librarians and Vendors Learn from “Pirate” Sites?

Chapter News: PNC/MLA Call for Panelists and Proposals