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Leader Orientation

Incoming officers and leaders (allied representatives, appointed officials, chapter presidents, committee chairs, section chairs, and task force chairs) should familiarize themselves with MLA's structure, organization, and program areas.

Orientation Meeting

  • 2017 Virtual Orientation - April 2017 - See file area for meeting presentation and link to meeting recording
    • Hosted by Barbara A. Epstein, AHIP, FMLA, President-Elect and Kevin Baliozian, Executive Director
    • There will be NO in-person orientation at MLA'17.

General Information on MLA

File Libraries

Activity Reports

  • Reports are submitted twice a year by MLA leaders including: allied representatives, appointed officials, chapter presidents, committee chairs, section chairs, and task force chairs.  SIG conveners and jury chairs are not required to submit activity reports. 
  • Annual reports are due by April 15 each year. Reports are submitted to the Board of Directors, posted on MLANET and are part of the association's permanent records archived at the National Library of Medicine.
  • Midyear reports are due by October 15 each year and are submitted to the Board of Directors.
  • Activity reports must relate to areas of strategic importance to a MLA unit, or to the MLA Strategic Plan.
  • Previous activity reports can be found on MLANET in the Organization file library under Annual Reports.  Please do not copy the old report style, as MLA has moved to a NEW online reporting style for 2016/2017, see below.   

NEW Reporting Guidelines for 2016/2017


  • Leadership Roster - Found in community home on MLANET.
  • Executive Summary – In 100 words or less, summarizing the top achievements, activities or actions since May 2016. 
  • Strategic Plan - List the latest goals, strategies, and status of specific objectives. If possible, include dates, metrics and schedule.
  • MLA Strategic Plan - List specific contribution to MLA strategic goals (if applicable).
  • Facts and Data - List key events held, items published, resources created, or other data.
  • People Update - Chapters and Sections: list election results, sub-committee appointments, recognition or other information related to individuals. Committees and Task Forces: include new members.
  • SAMPLE REPORT - follow this new report style


  • Report information should be clear and concise. (online reporting does not allow for complex formatting) 
  • ONLINE FORM - Collect the above content information, cut and paste to the form on MLANET.
  • Chapter and Section leaders should send a copy of the report information to Council Chairs.
  • If a report contains a motion, please upload a completed motion form.  Also send a copy of the motion to Board liaison and/or MLA staff liaison.  The motion should include the following background information:
    • name of MLA entity which is required to take action
    • specific action to be taken
    • costs, if any, which will be incurred and proposed sources of funding
    • time frame for the action
    • any documentation which will facilitate the Board's decision-making process (statement of circumstances prompting the motion and/or past MLA action on the issue)


Specific Information