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Public Health/Health Administration Section 

Members: 147     Discussions: 205     Files: 8

To join:

  1. Go to your membership information.
  2. Click "View" next to your current membership.
  3. Click the "Add package" button to add additional packages, and select PH/HA.

PH/HA believes that public health and health administration are increasingly important areas in the current environment. Information, resources, technology, research and new challenges are expanding tremendously in health care and medicine.

The fields of public health and health administration are there to communicate relevant health information; account for health care priorities, policy and delivery; manage crises; and address major health concerns. All these activities are information intensive–that is, they rely heavily on systems of information access to support professional decision-making, practice and action.

PH/HA programs not only demonstrate the importance of public health informatics, but also point to its growing significance on an international and global scale.

The Public Health and Health Administration section of the Medical Library Association currently has over 150 members. If you would like to meet with colleagues interested in the field of public health information, then now is a good time to become involved with PH/HA.

Member Benefits

  • PH/HA News, the Section’s newsletter
  • PH/HA section forum
  • a network of subject specialists in the PH/HA field
  • member directory
  • an opportunity to affect section program content at the MLA Annual Meeting
  • eligibility for a $1,000 travel stipend to attend the MLA Annual Meeting
  • eligibility for the Sewell Memorial Fund, which provides funding for librarians to attend the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting

If you have any questions about membership, please contact our membership chair. Join PH/HA for just $15 per year! 

Public Resources

Core Public Health Journal Project

The PH/HA Research Award awards $300 for the best paper in the field of public health or health administration librarianship published within the previous three years. At least one applicant for this award must be an MLA member. PH/HA membership is preferred but not required. 

PH/HA Leaders

Virginia Pannabecker, AHIP
Virginia Tech
Chair, Section Council Alternate Representative
Robert M Shapiro, II
University of Kentucky
Immediate Past Chair, Section Council Representative, Nominating Committee Chair
Laura Zeigen, AHIP
Oregon Health & Science University
Chair-Elect, Program Chair
Kathleen Amos, AHIP
Public Health Foundation
Douglas James Joubert
National Institutes of Health
Blog Editor
Helena VonVille
Sewell Travel Award for Public Health (STAPH) Committee Chair
Kay Deeney, AHIP
Membership Committee Co-chair
Catherine R. Hogan Smith, AHIP
Continuing Education Committee Co-chair
Laura Kuo, AHIP
Ithaca College
Continuing Education Committee Co-chair
Timothy R Roberts
NYU Langone Medical Center
Research Committee Chair
Judith Smith
Travel Stipend Committee Chair
Erin Wentz
Henrietta DeBenedictis Library
Website Co-Editor